Design Process

Letters, numbers, patterns and imagery all require incredible attention to detail, so the design process for any stone carving is of utmost importance.

All projects begin with an idea, which is then translated into a tangible form that best represents the spirit of the original inspiration. Lettering styles speak volumes about an overall concept, whether classical, modern or somewhere in between. The same can be said for patterns and images, therefore careful consideration is given to each element of design and their relationships within a composition.

Lettering Styles

The rich history of the evolution of written language ensures that each carved letter is infused with a symbolic foundation. Regardless of stylistic approach, letters are meant for a direct purpose, to communicate clearly and effectively. From Roman capital letters to italic lowercase and everywhere between, lettering style is of vital importance to the overall effect and outcome of each piece.

Our letters are drawn or brushed by hand in a manner that befits the chosen scale and materials. Initial sketches are drawn to scale, either at full or reduced size, and finalized layouts are applied to the selected piece of stone. Legibility is the primary concern in lettering work, regardless of size and style. Here are just a few examples:

Project Design in Marble – Lettering, Carving & Gilding