Traditional Craftsmanship for a Modern Age

Hand-carved stone imparts timeless refinement to every environment, offering natural beauty and vitality to our world.

Living inspiration that is simultaneously classical and contemporary, original letters and designs are cut by hand with chisel and mallet.

Step into a Handmade World

We offer a broad spectrum of skills, experience, organization and creativity to our clients. Through decades of personal practice, and over a decade of international teaching, we synthesize the wisdom of numerous artistic traditions into our work. As graduates of the Master’s Degree program at The King’s School of Traditional Arts in London, our work is guided by a commitment to quality craftsmanship and inspired vision. In addition to stone, we also work with carved wood and plaster, medieval and modern stained glass, and fusions between multiple mediums and materials.

Call on us to create a work of enduring beauty that honors your family, home or business.

Revival of Heritage Craft

Welcome a living tradition into your life.
Marble • Slate • Limestone • Gold
Learn more about the natural materials we love to work with.

Commissioning a Stone Carving

Create an inscription in stone that is as original as you are,
and take pride in the style and craftsmanship that will adorn your sacred space for a lifetime.

Whether you’re a builder, homeowner or entrepreneur, we’d love to work with you.
Here’s a brief overview of the stages for commissioning custom stone work.




All layout and design elements are finalized before we carve the work with chisels and mallets. The hand-carved work can be gilded or painted, depending on the specifications of the concept and environmental conditions.


Once the carving is complete, we work with custom builders to ensure a seamless integration between the carved stone and its surroundings.